How to prepare seafood

You can use seafood in both hot and cold cuisine. Fresh ingredients always taste the best, but you don't have to worry about frozen ones either, which are sometimes better to work with.

You can prepare seafood in several ways. They are excellent fried, boiled, baked or deep-fried, but also cold.

Try, for example, the popular Chinese-style crispy shrimp , Italian creamy crab risotto in wine or a simple crab sticks soup . You don't even have to worry about preparing non-traditional ingredients - even you can make traditional mussels in wine and garlic with a little patience.

Are you afraid of preparing seafood? Start small and prepare your favorite crab sticks from finely ground fish meat. Refreshing crab spread with cheese or crispy pizza with crab sticks will get you going!

Health benefits of seafood

Seafood is a rich source of minerals and fatty acids, so together with fish, it should form a regular part of a balanced diet. According to nutritionists, we should consume them at least twice a week.

And where can seafood benefit us?

  • they strengthen immunity
  • serves as prevention of heart attack, stroke and arthritis
  • they help reduce the level of harmful cholesterol
  • they reduce high blood pressure
  • thanks to the high content of iodine, phosphorus, selenium and magnesium, they help brain activity
  • they are suitable for reduction diets due to their low fat content