What fruits are suitable for canning?

If we follow the right procedures and recipes, we can preserve practically any seasonal fruit. Some species are better suited for this than others.

Red currants are excellent as a base for marmalades and jams , which gel beautifully due to their high pectin content. Apricot canning is also popular - apricot jam and compote are among the most popular. You can also use raspberries, strawberries, gooseberries or sour cherries for jams and jellies, which will give sour cherry marmalade a pleasantly sour taste.

Canning peaches is not difficult either , you just need to follow the recipe so that the resulting peach jam has a pleasant color and taste. Don't know how to properly preserve peaches? The basis is healthy and ripe fruit, clean dishes and, above all, the addition of citric acid, which preserves the beautiful color of the resulting jam.

If you like to try new things, try non-traditional jams made from pumpkins or canning nuts . Homemade syrups are also excellent, which you will appreciate when making refreshing lemonades. Try homemade elderberry syrup or perhaps cherry and strawberry syrup.

Canning fruit: how to do it

Take advantage of the rich harvest of the summer months and prepare a supply of sweet fruit for the winter as well. Does it seem pointless to preserve when fresh fruit is available in supermarkets all year round? It may surprise you that it is more natural for our bodies to consume canned fruits with added sugar during the winter months than fresh fruits and vegetables artificially grown in greenhouses. In winter, you can especially use the fruits from your own garden to prepare delicious cakes, pastries, dumplings or pancakes .

There is nothing complicated about canning hotpots, peaches, plums or other favorite fruits. The easiest way to make marmalade is to boil the fruit in the right proportion with sugar and pour it into clean glasses. Homemade jam does not need to be sterilized separately, just place the jars on the lid.

The basis of success is always the cleanliness of the environment and tools and the use of healthy and ripe fruit . The more ripe the fruit you use, the less gelling agents you will need to add. Add citric acid to the preserves during cooking to give them a nice color.

You don't only have to preserve in a pot, you can also try preserving in the oven, especially baked jams taste great.

Don't forget to label the jars carefully with the name and date of production.