It is suitably chosen as a side dish if we expect the maximum supply of nutrients in a low-calorie form from the meal. It is ideal not only for reducing diets, but also as part of healthy menus. We have a really wide spectrum to choose from. From potatoes to zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli, eggplant, pumpkin, patizon and more. Taste recipes for vegetable side dishes in their best forms .


Lentils, peas, chickpeas, beans and soy. You can prepare it with many dishes. As they are rich in protein, this side dish should not be chosen for hearty meat dishes. The truth is, the legendary chili con carne is really good, isn't it?


This includes the most famous rice, but also wheat, millet and barley products. The most famous are:

  • Couscous - boiled semolina from wheat, millet or barley
  • Millet - peeled millet
  • Kamut - an ancient type of wheat with a much higher proportion of nutrients
  • Spelled - a healthier type of wheat
  • Bulgur - ground seeds of sprouted spelled

Other cereals suitable for side dishes include oats and corn.

Have you ever tried recipes with couscous or bulgur ? They can be perfectly combined with sauce, vegetables and meat. The preparation is also very quick.

Side dishes made of white flour

In this category we have to highlight the dumplings. In Czech cuisine, they belong to the indispensable side dishes. Sourdough, potato, cottage cheese. It is eaten in both salty and sweet forms. Get inspired by tips on how to make a delicious homemade dumpling in different forms .

This also includes pasta, gnocchi or gnocchi.

Hearty plants

We also have to plant plant species in place of the attachments. Quinoa, tapioca or buckwheat can become popular. Check out tips on how to use buckwheat .