Did you know that candy as we know it is a world rarity? Similar sweets are baked only in Slovakia and some types are limited in other countries, such as gingerbread or coconut balls. However, the richly decorated carved shapes are our national treasure, which has not lost popularity or quality over the years.

Save a family recipe

There are truly an abundance of candy recipes, but how do you know the right one? First of all, be guided by the raw materials. You will never bake the best cookies from substitutes, so bet on honesty and quality.

Another tip is inspiration from friends or relatives. Do you like non-traditional Christmas cookies while visiting? Don't be afraid to ask the host for a recipe or a proven baking tip, he will surely be flattered and happy to share his secret with you.

If you try a recipe blindly and the result is successful, don't forget to mark the recipe for next year so that next time you don't have to wonder which was the best Linz or Išel cookie .

Try original species that not everyone has

Are you bored with the same gingerbread cookies , coconuts and rolls at visits and celebrations? Try one of the new types of sweets that not everyone has and thanks to which they will interest everyone who is already up to their necks with the classics. Bake delicious cookies with poppy seeds , refreshing lemon cookies or fluffy egg white cookies .

If you are not a fan of Christmas overeating and the holidays are definitely not a reason for you to consume sweets uncontrollably, try one of the healthier types of sweets. Christmas cookies with dates can be an excellent yet light option, and celiacs will certainly be pleased with recipes for gluten-free cookies .

Let's not forget the popular unbaked cookies , which usually don't take that long to prepare. So if the holidays are knocking on the door and you are looking for a simple and quick recipe, various sweet balls and dried fruit bars are the right choice.