About the turkey and its meat

We can enjoy turkey meat in various heat treatments, be it boiling, baking, grilling, smoking or frying.

We can buy a whole turkey or use only some of its parts:

  • Upper thigh

It is ideal for cooking, baking and smoking.

  • Lower thigh

It is excellent, for example, for steaks or baking.

  • Breast

You can enjoy the breast on minutes, rolls or make a ground semi-finished product out of it.

  • Nightshades

Suitable for grilling or baking.

  • Wings

They are excellent baked.

  • Neck

An excellent broth can be made from the necks.

  • Bishop

The fattiest part of the meat that is suitable for roasting

  • Offal

That is, the viscera, i.e. the liver and stomach. We can use the liver for example for an excellent liver dish, we can incorporate the stomachs into the broth or prepare them in stewed form.

Turkey meat for health

Turkey meat is rich in protein and low in fat. It is suitable for everyone who struggles not only with excess weight, but also with elevated cholesterol, chronic inflammation of the pancreas or heart disease.

It even contains the amino acid tryptophan, which has a very good effect on mental well-being.

We must also mention its richness in B group vitamins and minerals. Of these, iron, selenium, zinc and calcium are represented.

Great recipes for its preparation

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