How to prepare veal

Veal is very tender and works well in the kitchen. Its use is really varied - the classic is the traditional Viennese schnitzel, which according to the original regulations is made from veal. You can also try other variants of preparing veal - in a sauce, in the form of a roll or as a natural slice.

Calf's liver is also popular , which is prepared in the same way as other types of liver - fried or stewed with onions.

Try other veal innards, such as hearts, which are suitable not only for broth.

What side dish goes best with veal?

Thanks to the universal use of veal, it is also easy to combine with a suitable side dish. If you cook veal in a sauce, serve it with a dumpling, preferably a bun, which absorbs excess liquid well.

If you are preparing a veal steak or a similarly prepared slice, the ideal side dish will be potatoes in various forms - from the classic boiled potato to the popular potato salad.

Veal liver is best enjoyed with a slice of fresh bread or a potato.