Health in one pot

Vegetable soup is one of the healthiest dishes that you can easily prepare at home. Cooking vegetables to the desired softness takes significantly less time than cooking meat stock, and therefore vegetable soup can be an ideal choice when you don't have much time, but want to treat yourself to a healthy meal. And if you really don't have time, you can help yourself with frozen vegetables. Try the best vegetable soup recipes that you will enjoy.

Are you one of those who follow a healthy lifestyle ? Then vegetable soups should form one of the pillars of your daily diet. Thanks to the endless number of vegetable combinations, you don't have to worry about a monotonous menu, and if you don't overdo it with unnecessary thickening or cream, vegetable soup is a dietary and healthy dish.

Pieces of vegetables or cream instead?

Depending on the consistency, vegetable soups can be divided into classic, in which pieces of vegetables float, and creamy, which are mixed with a stick blender just before the end of cooking. In recent years, thick vegetable creams have been very trendy and in demand.

You don't have to worry that thick cream=unhealthy soup. If you choose the right types of vegetables, there is no need to thicken the soup in any way. If you would like a thicker cream and don't want to use stock or cream, add, for example, boiled potato, sweet potato or a little pea flour to the soup, which will thicken the soup nicely. In addition, the last selected raw material will supply healthy proteins .

Do you prefer classic or creamy soups? We know the best soup recipes for everyone!

Legumes in the main role

Legumes are rightfully among the healthiest foods, so don't be afraid to add them to soups. You can use them as just one of the many ingredients, or make a straight legume soup . Beans, peas, lentils and soy are directly loaded with healthy proteins , which you will appreciate not only during weight reduction, but also if you exercise regularly. In addition, legume soup does not necessarily mean half a day in the kitchen - soak the legumes overnight in water, or use already pre-cooked legumes in a can, which are easy and quick to cook.