Cheese classic

In Czech cuisine, healthy spreads are found quite often and are usually based on cottage cheese or spreadable butter. Cottage cheese is a Czech rarity - they don't know a similar product anywhere else in the world, and the closest thing to it is ricotta type cream cheese, which, however, has much less fat than Czech full-fat cottage cheese. If you want to make a light spread, go for cottage cheese with a low fat content, there are usually three variants to choose from.

Almost any vegetable is suitable for the cottage cheese base , so follow your taste and also the seasonal offer. Remember that vegetables that are just ripening are the most loaded with vitamins, minerals and health-promoting enzymes. In the summer , spreads with radishes , peppers or grated carrots will refresh you .

Are you interested in vegan cuisine? Vegetable spread in the vegan version is very easy to prepare, you just need to replace cottage cheese or butter with silken tofu or thicken the vegetable mixture with pea or other legume flour.

Get inspired abroad

Although Czech bread and cottage cheese are not found anywhere else in the world, you can get more than enough inspiration for delicious vegetable dishes on your travels. Try non-traditional types of vegetables such as eggplant, sweet potato, avocado or even white radish and prepare an excellent spread full of vitamins. Eggplant spread will transport you to the Mediterranean and buttery avocado to hot Mexico.

Give legumes a chance

Don't be afraid to use legumes too. They are directly loaded with healthy proteins and if you soak them overnight, you will rid them of hard-to-digest and harmful substances. If you are in a hurry, use canned legumes. If you can't imagine a legume spread, bet on the popular classic - chickpea hummus, which has fallen in love with the whole world thanks to its original taste.