What are meat or animal products?

Among the most consumed foods and semi-finished products of animal origin in the household are:

  • meat (innards or offal)
  • animal oils (lard, tallow, fish oil, etc.)
  • egg
  • dairy products (butter, milk, cream, yogurts, cottage cheese)
  • copper

Vegetable dishes

Vegetables can make really good dishes. You can choose the preparation baked, boiled, stewed, fried, grilled or raw. Whether you eat meat regularly, occasionally or not at all, you will definitely enjoy it. Try, for example, to make excellent potato wedges .

You can also make delicious meatless dishes from pumpkin. Get inspired by the best pumpkin recipes .

There are countless versions, you can use carrots, celery, parsley, tomatoes, eggplants, patisons, beets, cabbage, cabbage. Zucchini baked without meat and with meat is also a great choice.

Legume foods

Legumes can compensate for the amount of protein we would get from meat. So feel free to indulge in lentils, corn, chickpeas, peas or peas more often. Especially if you don't eat meat. See how to prepare delicious dishes from legumes .

Sweet main courses

If you don't feel like eating meat for lunch today, try something sweet. Try our tips for the best sweet rice dumplings or very popular leavened fruit, cottage cheese and potato dumplings .