Sweets for a sweet snack between courses

Something good to bite into on such an important day is simply tempting. Hearts, horseshoes, cups, roses, whatever you can imagine. You will be inspired by tips for delicious wedding cookies .

Cupcakes as an invitation to a wedding

Cupcakes are a tradition that has deep roots. Invite all your friends and family to the wedding with an armful of delicious christening cakes . No one can resist such goodness. Choose cottage cheese, poppy seed, apple or jelly.

Benefits and gifts for wedding guests

You can donate basically anything as earnings. Of course, it should be reminiscent of you and your wedding. At the same time, they should also be affordable. With a little skill, you can create such gifts yourself.

For inspiration, a selection of the following variants is offered:

  • sweets
  • cookies
  • alcohol
  • non-alcoholic drinks
  • Gingerbreads
  • cookies
  • candies
  • chocolates
  • macaroons
  • preserves
  • homemade teas and other edible products

Just wrap everything nicely, add the wedding date, names, photos and that's it!


You can choose a wide spectrum from wreaths to slices to rolls. Which flavor, type, decoration you choose is up to you. If you want to do it on your own, come and get inspired. We can offer you 5 types of festive desserts . If you are tempted by more rolls, bakeamazing sponge rolls with different fillings .

Wedding gingerbread cookies

These can be a great choice as a small income for wedding guests. As a keepsake, you can gift them a small attention with the date of your wedding. Just decorate it nicely with snow frosting and wrap it neatly. Such a nostalgic trifle is sure to please. Try the best gingerbread recipes not only for weddings .