Honest recipes for homemade potato lox in sweet and savory variations

Lokše , an indispensable part of Slovak cuisine.

Can you prepare them yourself?

And how about something sweet with poppy seeds and jam or savory with brynza or roast goose.

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Basic recipe for potato lox

These thin pancakes made of potato dough, which are baked dry in a pan, are a delicious and at the same time cheap delicacy that almost everyone can easily prepare.

Ingredients (for 15 pieces)

  • 600 g of potatoes boiled in their skins
  • 200 g plain flour
  • pinch of salt


  1. First, boil the potatoes in their skins (this takes about 20 minutes).
  2. Let them cool.
  3. Then peel, finely grate or mash the potatoes.
  4. Gradually add plain flour as needed.
  5. The amount of flour depends on the type of potato.
  6. The potato dough should be pliable, not too stiff, otherwise the noodles will be dry and harder.
  7. We also add a pinch of salt to the dough.
  8. Shape the dough into a longer cylinder (similar to a dumpling), which you cut into approx. 15 rounds, 2-3 mm thick.
  9. Use some flour so that the loksha does not stick to the board when shaping.
  10. The size of the loksha depends on the size of the pan.
  11. Cook in a good hot pan without adding fat, on each side, until small spots of sepia color appear on them.
  12. Clean the pan continuously from the remaining flour with a paper towel.
  13. Place the baked loksha one on top of the other.
Potato pancakes on plates

Lokše with chicken liver filling

Lokše are a delicacy in themselves, and what about duck or chicken liver. Try it and see for yourself!


  • 20 rolls from the basic recipe
  • 500 g of chicken liver
  • 1 large onion
  • a small piece of bacon
  • duck fat
  • salt to taste


  1. Heat the duck fat in a pan.
  2. First, fry a finely chopped onion, a little bacon and then add the liver.
  3. Simmer for about 15 minutes.
  4. Add salt at the end.
  5. When the liver has cooled, chop it in a hand blender.
  6. This will give you a liver spread that tastes excellent thanks to the duck fat.
  7. Then grease the lokša just a little, heat each separately in a pan, fill with liver stuffing and serve.
Potato pancakes filled with chicken liver

Potato lox with poppy seeds

Simple, cheap and at the same time very tasty food. Try more types of poppy seed fillings, which will leave nothing but dust on the plate!


  • 12 loks from the basic recipe
  • fat
  • apricot jam
  • white poppy
  • strawberry jam
  • blue poppy
  • vanilla sugar for sprinkling


  1. Brush the finished loksha with fat and cover to keep them warm and tender.
  2. Spread apricot preserves on half of the cake and sprinkle with white poppy seeds, which have a nutty taste.
  3. Spread the other half of the cake with strawberry jam and sprinkle with blue poppy seeds.
  4. Roll up the finished loks and sprinkle with vanilla sugar.
Potato pancakes with poppy seeds and yams on a plate

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Lokše from sauerkraut

Stretchy, slightly sour and beautifully fragrant pancakes that you can’t resist!


  • 600 g semi-coarse flour
  • 300 g of sauerkraut
  • 1 egg (L)
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 teaspoon cumin
  • 1 teaspoon marjoram
  • ½ teaspoon ground pepper
  • butter for spreading


  1. Pour the flour onto the worktop and mix it with the spices – salt, cumin, pepper and marjoram.
  2. Add the rinsed, squeezed sauerkraut and the whole egg.
  3. Make a smooth dough with your hands (if it is too stiff, add a little water or cabbage juice).
  4. Let the dough rest, covered, for about 15 minutes.
  5. Then make a cylinder out of it and divide it into about 10 parts.
  6. On a well-floured rolling pin, roll each part into a patty about 5 mm thick and fry in a dry pan until pink.
  7. Brush the finished loks with melted butter and serve while still warm.
Cabbage potato pancakes

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Baked lox with cottage cheese à la burek

Do you know burek? It is a stuffed baked or fried pastry made from thin puff pastry. We will prepare a variation of it from lokši.


  • 5 loks from the basic recipe
  • 250 g of soft cottage cheese
  • 180 g sour cream
  • salt to taste
  • 1 teaspoon of fresh dill
  • egg for brushing
  • a piece of butter


  1. Wipe the curd with cream, season with salt and dill.
  2. Can be left out if you’re not a fan of dill.
  3. Fill the loksha with cottage cheese filling, roll up and cut into smaller pieces.
  4. Arrange in a greased baking dish next to each other.
  5. Brush with a beaten egg, you can also add a slice of butter and put it in the heated oven.
  6. Bake at 180 °C for approx. 15 minutes, turn on the grill function for a while towards the end.

Gluten-free lox with duck breast

This gluten-free delicacy is almost indistinguishable from the classic version. And when you add delicious, juicy duck meat to it, you have a perfect lunch on the table.



  • 1 kg of potatoes
  • gluten-free flour
  • salt

Duck breast

  • 4 duck breasts
  • salt to taste



  1. Boil the potatoes in their skins and let them cool.
  2. Peel and finely grate the cooled potatoes.
  3. Add a pinch of salt and enough flour to make a non-sticky consistency.
  4. It should be around 4-5 PL, but this amount depends on what kind of potatoes you have and also whether you want lox rather pliable (less flour) or harder and drier (more flour).
  5. Make a cylinder with a diameter of 5-7 cm from the dough and cut it into equal parts about 2-3 cm thick.
  6. It all depends on how big you want the loksha and how big your pan is.
  7. Roll out each piece of dough with a rolling pin and fry on a dry Teflon pan for about 1-2 minutes on each side.
  8. Brush the finished loks, ideally with duck fat, or butter or olive oil.

Duck breast

  1. Wash the duck breast and cut off the top part where the fat is located.
  2. That is first make cuts across one side and then perpendicular to the other.
  3. The goal is to create a cube structure so that the fat can drain beautifully.
  4. Salt the breasts cut in this way on both sides and place them on a cold pan, which you put on a moderate flame.
  5. The pan must be cold so that the fat starts to drain slowly and the skin does not burn and thus prevents the fat from draining.
  6. Cook the meat only on this one side for about 8-10 minutes and continuously pour the drained fat into the prepared container.
  7. The rendering of the fat is also important so that the meat is not cooked, but only the fat is fried.
  8. Then transfer the breasts to a baking tray or baking dish with the other side and bake in a preheated oven at 200 degrees.
  9. If you want the breasts to be completely juicy, like a steak, 8-10 minutes will be enough.
  10. If you prefer medium, let them bake for about 15-20 minutes and if drier, let them bake for 25-30 minutes.
  11. Do not turn the breast during baking.
  12. After removing from the oven, let cool for a few minutes and slice.
Gluten-free potato pancakes with duck breast on a plate

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Potato lox for dessert

If you have loksha already prepared, you will only need 2 ingredients to conjure up a great sweet lunch or even breakfast. Let’s go!


  • lox according to the basic recipe
  • butter for spreading
  • powdered sugar to taste
  • fruit (e.g. red currant)


  1. Grease the finished loks with melted butter and serve immediately sprinkled with powdered sugar together with fruit.
  2. Enjoy it!
Potato pancakes with red currant on a plate

Roasted goose from Grób with red cabbage and lox

The delicious crispy roast goose with cabbage and potato lox from the Slovak Grób is one of the famous delicacies. Prepare it yourself!


  • 1 goose
  • milk
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • lox from the basic recipe
  • 3 spoons of granulated sugar
  • 1 dl of vinegar
  • 1 – 2 bay leaves
  • whole cumin to taste
  • 4 tablespoons lard or oil
  • 1 large onion
  • 1 large apple
  • 1 head (approx. 1.2 kg) of red cabbage


Roast goose

  1. Salt the goose well the night before baking, about two palms full of salt, both inside and out.
  2. Put the salted goose on a baking sheet and let it stand overnight.
  3. Just before baking, pour approximately 300 ml of water over the goose.
  4. The amount of water added depends on the size of the goose.
  5. Brush the skin with milk, which creates a glaze and gives the goose a golden color.
  6. Put the goose prepared in this way into a heated oven (150 – 180 ˚C).
  7. Roast the uncovered goose on one side for 2 hours and then drain the roast.
  8. Turn the goose to the other side and bake for another 45 minutes until nicely golden.

Red cabbage

  1. Clean the red cabbage, remove the top leaves and remove the skin.
  2. Then grate it on a grater or cut it into thin strips.
  3. Clean and finely chop the onion.
  4. Fry it in lard until golden.
  5. Add granulated sugar and let caramelize.
  6. It takes a few minutes.
  7. Add cabbage and vinegar (as needed) to the fragrant onion.
  8. Vinegar will take care of the beautiful color.
  9. Sauté the cabbage for a while longer and add the spices.
  10. Cover it with a little water and saute until semi-soft.
  11. Add the peeled and grated apple.
  12. Simmer until soft.
  13. Cover the cabbage with water and simmer to taste.

Serve the roast goose with lox and red cabbage.

Goose with red cabbage and potato pancakes on a plate

What kind of potatoes to use?

New potatoes absorb a lot of water, resulting in a sticky dough. You then add a large amount of flour and because of this the loksha is too floury.

Older potatoes contain less water and are therefore more suitable.

Write to us whether you prefer salty or sweet loksha. We look forward to your feedback!

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