Orange Cranberry Scones

Orange Cranberry Scones

By March 18, 2014

Top notch breakfast and brunch sweet baked treat.  This is gourmet done right in only 10 minutes!

  • Prep Time : 10 minutes
  • Cook Time : 20 minutes
  • Yield : 8 to 12 Scones



Preheat oven to 400°F and grease lightly a baking sheet.
  1. In a large bowl, empty contents of your Britain's Cranberry Best Do You Bake? mix
  2. Coarsely grate frozen butter on top and stir or mix with hands lightly, until just combined.
  3. Add orange zest, egg, orange juice and sour cream and mix dough quickly.
  4. Form into a ball and transfer to the baking sheet.
  5. Flatten dough to 1 ½ -inch thickness and cut into 8 wedges.
For Your Topping:
  1. Create a light egg wash by beating your egg lightly and adding 1 Tablespoon of Orange Juice.
  2. Brush the tops of your scones with egg wash and sprinkle with brown sugar and cinnamon
  3. Bake scones for about 15 -20 minutes, until golden brown.
Cool for 5 minutes before removing from the baking sheet and serving.
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