Curlew, a superfood that has no analogues! Find out with us why it’s so great

Lately, the so-called super foods have been on a tear. But BEWARE curlers are definitely one of them!

Read why it’s so great, what recipes to add it to, how to cook with it and even how to grow it in your garden.

It really is a food that has a lot to offer you, so don’t hesitate to add it to your diet today!

What is a curler?

Curly cabbage, or curly cabbage, is a herb from which young leaves and stems are mainly harvested. It is related to cabbage, but unlike it, the leaves do not form a head, but grow in a loose rosette on a tall stem. Curlew is grown in several varieties mainly for its densely wavy and curled leaves.

Its curly thick leaves can be cooked or used in salads or sauteed. You can add it to soups or use it to stuff pork. If you prefer a mild taste, you can blanch it first before proceeding with its preparation.

Fresh curlew leaves.

Health benefits of curling iron

It has the highest nutrient content on the planet

It is a cruciferous vegetable such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts.

Nutritional values of curling iron (per 70 g)

Calorie Carbohydrates Fiber Protein
33 kcal 6 g 2 g 3 g

Mineral and vitamin content of the recommended daily intake (per 70 g)

Vitamin A Vitamin K Vitamin C Vitamin B6 Vitamin B1 (thiamine) Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) Vitamin B3 (niacin)
206% 684% 134% 9% 3% 3% 3%
Manganese Calcium Copper Potassium Magnesium Iron Phosphorus
26% 9% 10% 9% 6% 3% 3%

High content of antioxidants

Like other leafy greens, it has a very high antioxidant content. Antioxidants are substances that help fight cell damage caused by free radicals. These substances protect against heart disease, lower blood pressure, are anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-depressant and anti-cancer.

It is an excellent source of vitamin C

Vitamin C is an important water-soluble antioxidant that performs many vital functions in the cells of the body. For example, it is essential for the synthesis of collagen, the most abundant structural protein in the body.

Cabbage can help lower cholesterol

Cabbage actually contains elements that can lower cholesterol. This can lead to a reduced risk of heart disease over time.

Cabbage is one of the best sources of vitamin K

Vitamin K is absolutely essential for blood clotting and calcium binding, which helps prevent heart disease and osteoporosis.

Cabbage is a good source of minerals that most people don’t get enough of

Cabbage is high in minerals, some of which many people are deficient in. It is a good source of calcium, a nutrient that is very important for bone health and plays a role in all kinds of cellular functions.

It’s also a good source of magnesium, an important mineral that can protect against type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Kale also contains enough potassium to help lower blood pressure.

Cabbage should help you lose weight

Cabbage has several properties that make it a food suitable for diets. It has a very low calorie content for a large amount that provides a feeling of satiety.

The health effects of this vegetable that it contains are beneficial for the body.

Comparison of nutritional values in selected vegetables (per 100 g)

A type of cheese Calorie Vitamin A Vitamin C
Savoy cabbage 205 kJ 294 mg 120 mg
Carrot 148 kJ 3 mg 10 g
Cauliflower 100.4 kJ 0 mg 48.2 g
Kohlrabi 113 kJ 10.6 g 62 g
Cabbage 100.4 kJ 29.4 mg 36.6 g

How to grow curlew?

Cabbage in general is commonly known as a crop that is best suited for growing in spring and fall. But when do you plant a curlew? Kale is hardy and can adapt to warmer environments, so planting times can vary slightly.

Before planting

  • Curlew prefers fertile, well-drained soil that is constantly moist.


  • Plant seedlings from early spring until approximately 10 weeks before the expected first autumn frost.
  • Sow 2-3 seeds every 20-30cm, 1cm deep, in rows 30-90cm apart.
  • If transplanting, sow between 4-6 weeks before the last frost.
  • For best results, keep the soil moist and water regularly to keep the leaves crisp and sweet.
  • Seeds tend to germinate at 18 degrees Celsius.


  • Cabbage can be grown to full size or harvested when the leaves are small and soft.
  • Cabbage is ready to harvest when its leaves reach the size of your hand, it usually takes up to 95 days for the cabbage to be ready.
  • When the leaves are the right size, harvest the individual leaves by cutting them.

Mulch around the plants to prevent dirt from sticking to the cabbage leaves and possible rot.

How to plant, grow and harvest cabbage.

What is a curling iron used for?

Steamed Fritillary – add it to pasta, to a frittata, pile it on a pizza or make these fried meatballs
Cabbage Pesto – add it to pasta, to soup, spread it on a sandwich, pour it on pizza
Fried Curly Salad with Carrot-Ginger Dressing – add roasted chickpeas and roasted seeds, a variety of root vegetables to the recipe and tie it all together with a carrot-ginger dressing
Cabbage quinoa salad – top it with cooked quinoa, crispy chickpeas, sautéed vegetables and sauerkraut and cover everything with cabbage pesto
Aglio e Olio Pasta with Fritters – Substitute steamed cabbage leaves for our aglio olio recipes
Pasta from sun-dried tomatoes with cabbage – fry the vegetables, cook the pasta and mix everything with grated pecorino cheese
Pumpkin Spaghetti with Chickpeas and Kale – Sundried tomatoes, chickpeas and cabbage turn roasted pumpkin into a tasty main dish or add it to pumpkin risotto recipes
Coconut – Curly Soup with Sweet Potatoes – lime zest, lemongrass, ginger and coriander add an aromatic flavor to the rich coconut broth
Curly Smoothie – Mix green tea Matcha ginger, peaches and cabbage for vegans and healthy lifestyle lovers this recipe for curly hot dog
The most diverse variants of recipes with cabbage.

What can be replaced with a curling iron?

  • Another type of cabbage, such as Tuscan cabbage
  • Spinach green leaves – they take longer to cook
  • Green Swiss chard – cooking time is approximately the same
  • Broccoli leaves reticulate – pepperier taste
  • Spinach leaves – cooks very quickly, milder taste

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