Morbier, a French aromatic cheese that you can easily enjoy at home

Morbier is one of the most famous and popular cheeses in France.

In our article you can read about its history, production, taste, but most importantly how to enjoy it as much as possible with every bite!

What is Morbier cheese?

It is a semi-soft cow’s milk cheese named after the small village of Morbier in France and its tradition goes back two centuries.

The cheese is ivory in color and is a bit soft and quite springy. Its hallmark is the black, tasteless ash layer in the middle. Today, the dark layer is more for decoration and may not be an actual layer of ash unless it is made in the traditional way.

It takes 45 days to 3 months to fully ripen, during which time its rind turns yellow and becomes moist. The cheese also has numerous small holes scattered throughout the body.

If the cheese is made in the traditional way, a layer of ash separates the morning milk from the evening milk. The layer of ash that was sprinkled over the evening layer of processed milk was to prevent the cheese from becoming spicy and repel insects until the next day, when the morning processed milk was added on top.

A large round of blue cheese with a dark stripe down the middle.

Nutritional values of Morbier cheese (per 100 g)

Calorie Carbohydrates Sugars Fats Saturated fatty acids Proteins Fiber Salt
350 calories 0 g 0 g 29 g 20 g 22 g 1 g 2 g

How does Morbier taste?

The cheese has a rich and creamy taste and its body is complete with small holes.

The aroma is somewhat unpleasant, although the taste is rich and creamy, reminiscent of fresh hay, nuts and fruit, with a slightly bitter aftertaste.

The ash layer has no flavor.

A big piece of cheese with figs and alcohol.

How to prepare Morbier?

It’s great on sandwiches, with crackers, nuts, grapes, and you can also add it to party canapés, as you can read about in our comprehensive article
Serve it fresh or melted on bread, or take advantage of its properties and add it to one of these original cheese soups
It also works well as an additional ingredient for grilled dishes or in these savory puff pastry treats
Combine it with pear chutney

Pairing with drinks


  • Tramin Gewurz
  • Pinot Noir
  • Grüner Veltliner
  • Chenas
  • Julienas


  • Grodziskie
  • Double
Baked dish with shrimps and aromatic cheese.

What to replace Morbier cheese with?

Raclette or Italian Fontina cheese can be used as a substitute if needed.

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