Try these recipes for Spanish paella or shine with the classics of Spanish cuisine

A dish full of rice, meat and vegetables.

A reflection of the southern European temperament.

An unconventional one-pot dinner.

Try recipes for paella – a dish that is colorful in appearance and taste.

Chicken paella

A quick, simple and interesting dinner for the whole family.


  • 1 large onion
  • 1 red pepper
  • 4 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 0.5 kg of chicken breast fillets
  • 0.4 kg of rice
  • 1 liter of chicken broth
  • 1 can of diced tomatoes
  • 250 g of frozen peas
  • salt
  • pepper
  • lemon juice


  • Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a large pan.
  • Add the finely chopped onion and red pepper and fry on a low flame for 5-8 minutes
  • Add the chopped garlic and fry for about one more minute, stirring constantly.
  • Remove the vegetables from the pan and set aside.
  • Pour a spoonful of oil into the pan and add the chicken breast cut into pieces.
  • Salt, pepper and fry until the meat is tender.
  • Remove it from the pan and set it aside with the vegetables.
  • Pour a tablespoon of oil into the pan and cover with rice.
  • Fry in oil for a few minutes and then pour the chicken stock over it.
  • Add the roasted vegetables, chicken and diced tomatoes from the can.
  • Bring to a boil and cook for 20-25 minutes.
  • Add the thawed peas and reheat for 5 minutes.
  • Season with salt and pepper, or lemon juice.
A deep plate full of paella - a mixture of rice, vegetables and chicken, garnished with lemon wedges

Real Spanish paella with seafood

How about having a Spanish evening at home? Prepare this light but nutritious dish, which has its place of honor on the tables of the Iberian Peninsula, open a bottle of wine, toast a fresh baguette and turn your everyday into something extraordinary.


  • 250 g mixed seafood
  • 150 g of chicken breast fillets
  • 800 ml of chicken stock
  • 150 g of chorizo salami
  • 1 onion
  • 1 red pepper
  • 1 can of diced tomatoes
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 400 g of Arborio rice
  • 1 teaspoon sweet paprika spice
  • 200 g of frozen peas
  • a pinch of saffron
  • fresh parsley
  • salt
  • pepper
  • olive oil
  • lemon juice
  • 2 lemons


  • Wash the chicken fillets and cut them into cubes.
  • Heat a little olive oil in a large pan and sear the chicken.
  • Remove and set aside.
  • Add the chopped chorizo to the pan and fry again for a few minutes.
  • Remove, add to the meat and add the seafood mixture to the pan.
  • Saute and transfer it from the pan to the meat and chorizo.
  • Add a little olive oil to the pan and heat it up.
  • Add finely chopped onion and pepper, fry for 2 minutes and add finely chopped garlic.
  • Mix and add raw rice.
  • Fry for a few minutes and then pour over the chicken stock.
  • Salt, pepper and add spices.
  • Add the fried chicken, salami, seafood and bring to a boil.
  • Add the tinned tomatoes and cook on low heat for 15-20 minutes until the rice is tender.
  • Season with salt, pepper and lemon juice.
  • Serve with lemon wedges and sprinkled with fresh parsley.
Paella in a pan with mussels, shrimps and vegetables decorated with pieces of lemons

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Mexican vegetarian paella

Paella is one of those dishes that you can easily prepare without meat. A varied mixture of vegetables and legumes guarantees a rich and distinctive taste full of nutrients.


  • 1 onion
  • 1 yellow bell pepper
  • 1 zucchini
  • 4 medium mushrooms
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 2/3 can of black beans
  • 1 liter of vegetable broth
  • 1 teaspoon of smoked paprika
  • 250 g of rice
  • salt
  • pepper
  • 1 lime
  • ½ avocado


  • Heat the olive oil in a medium-sized pan, add the finely chopped onion and fry for 3-4 minutes
  • Add the garlic and fry for another 1 minute.
  • Add the smoked paprika, stir and fry for a minute until the spices are fragrant.
  • Cover with rice and stir to coat the grains with spices and vegetables.
  • Add zucchini, mushrooms and peppers cut into small pieces and fry for 3-5 minutes, stirring constantly.
  • Cover with broth and cook for 15 minutes.
  • When the rice is soft, add the diced tomatoes and the drained beans from the can.
  • Salt, pepper, mix and fry for a few minutes.
  • Serve with halved lime and sliced avocado.
A mixture of rice and vegetables in a pan, garnished with lime slices

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Simple paella with shrimps

This rice dish not only tastes great, but you can also use various leftover vegetables that you have at home. Try, for example, the recipe for paella with carrots and broccoli.


  • 1 onion
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • 2 carrots
  • ½ small broccoli
  • 4 stalks of green asparagus
  • 300 g of large, peeled prawns
  • 800 ml of chicken stock
  • 300 g of rice
  • salt
  • pepper
  • olive oil
  • lemon juice
  • a pinch of saffron


  • Finely chop the onion and garlic, the carrot into lengthwise strips, break the broccoli into florets and cut them lengthwise, cut the asparagus into pieces.
  • Heat the olive oil in a large pan and fry the onion and carrot in it.
  • Add the garlic and fry for a minute.
  • Sprinkle rice and saffron, mix and let it smell for a while.
  • Add broth, salt, pepper, stir and bring to a boil.
  • Cook for 15 minutes.
  • Add the broccoli, shrimp and asparagus and toss gently.
  • Cook for another 5 minutes until the broth is absorbed.
  • Season with salt, pepper and lemon juice.
Paella with prawns, broccoli, carrots and asparagus

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5 points of interest at the end

  • Although it is seen worldwide as a traditional Spanish dish, it is a symbol of only one Spanish region – the Valencia region.
  • It originated on fishing boats – it was simple and easily available, cheap and at the same time filling food.
  • A special paella pan is used for preparation, which is wide and low. In Valencia, the name paella is used for all types of pans.
  • When cooking, the food is not covered and the rice should not be completely cooked, on the contrary, it should gradually “run out” after removing it from the flame.
  • Saffron gives food its typical yellow color.

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