Protein Up! Crepe Wraps

Protein Up! Crepe Wraps

By March 12, 2015

Use this recipe for an easy peasy and protein packed versatile crepe roll.  Makes a hearty on the go meal or a sweet addition to your dinner.   If you have leftover crepes, freeze them. Just make sure you add a layer of parchment in between each individual Crepe. Wrap in plastic or place in a freezer ready zip top bag. Your crepes will last up to 2 months frozen.  They can be refrigerated in the same manner for up to 5 days.

  • Prep Time : 10 minutes
  • Cook Time : 20 minutes
  • Yield : 8 - 10 Crepes



  1. In medium bowl, stir together CRAVE IT! Flip Flop FlapJACK-ed high protein pancake mix with 1 cup of water, stirring until smooth
  2. Add the eggs and the butter and continue to stir until smooth
  3. Add additional water (up to 1/2 cup) for desired consistency. The batter should be thin enough to pour but not watery.
  4. Prehead a lightly greased 5 to 6-inch frying pan or crepe pan over medium high heat
  5. Spoon 3 -4 tablespoons batter into center of frying pan
  6. Tilt to coat bottom of pan evenly
  7. Just a thin layer of btter should cover the pan
  8. Cook crepes until delicately browned, turn and cook lightly on other side
  YUMMY Serving Ideas
  • For The Sweet:
    • Fill with fresh or frozen (thawed and drained) berries, roll up and sprinkle powdered sugar on top
    • Spread peanut butter or chocolate hazelnut spread and fill with thinly sliced bananas. Roll up, cut and enjoy
  • For The Savory :
    • Fill with chopped spinach and ricotta (or Cottage) cheese. Season with Do You Bake? For the Love of Garlic and add a little marinara to the middle. Roll up and enjoy.
    • Fill with chopped lettuce, tomato, peppers and leftover sliced turkey or chicken. Drizzle a little Do You Bake? Very Onion Dip or Do You Bake? Garlic Asiago dip on top. Roll up in wax paper or parchment paper, slice in half and enjoy
    • Create a Spicy Vegetable Fajita like roll-up.  Sautee your favorite veggies and ground beef, season with Do You Bake? Fiesta Seasoning and add to the middle of your crepe. Wrap your crepe up in parchment or wax paper, cut in half and enjoy
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Use the CRAVE IT! Flip Flop FlapJACK-ed mix and turn it into a delicious crepe wrap suitable for sweet and savory. Stuff with your favorite veggies, leftover turkey or chicken and a drizzle of your favorite salad dressing. Healthy, high protein fill me up goodness!

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