Sweet recipes for preserved blackberries that will caress your soul and your tongue

What else to do with a flood of berries than to try one of the recipes for preserved blackberries.

This cooking process loses their typical bitterness and makes them a much better addition to any sweet dish.

Try them with plain yogurt, pancakes or even oatmeal.

Brighten up your day with this homemade candy!

Canned blackberries with brandy

There’s just something warm about these soft berries that appeals to us especially in the cold winter season. Maybe it’s because they ripen in the hottest part of summer, and when we taste them, we go back to summer in our thoughts.

What will we need

  1. 200 g of blackberries
  2. 400 g of blackberries
  3. 50 ml of water
  4. 200 ml of water
  5. 200 g of sugar
  6. Whole cinnamon
  7. 50 ml brandy (Metaxa/Hennesey)
  8. A teaspoon of nutmeg


  1. We will prepare pre-sterilized or completely new jars for canning
  2. Give preference to those with a threaded closure
  3. Put 200 g of blackberries in a small pot and mash them with a potato masher
  4. Add 50 ml of water and bring the mixture to a boil
  5. Cook for about 2 minutes
  6. Then strain the blackberries through a sieve and discard the trapped pulp
  7. Bring 200 ml of water with sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg to a boil in the next pot
  8. Cook for about 5 minutes and then add 400 g of blackberries, brandy and strained blackberry juice
  9. We continue to cook and stir continuously to reheat the blackberries
  10. But we mix carefully so that the blackberries do not get crushed too much
  11. Using a slotted ladle, place the cooked blackberries in the canning jars, but do not fill them to the brim
  12. Using a ladle, pour the hot blackberry syrup over them, leaving about 3 centimeters of space from the edge of the glass
  13. We wipe the glass, close it with a lid and tighten it tightly
  14. Turn the filled glasses upside down and let them cool

Blackberries soften the canning, so they get rid of their typical bitterness. They can be used as a supplement to flavor white yogurt, pancakes, fritters or as a topping for vanilla ice cream.

Sweet preserves from black berries and quality brandy.
Source: bakingamoment.com

Blackberry syrup

You will fall in love with this delicious syrup made from fresh wild berries at first taste. It is an excellent homemade delicacy for pancakes, waffles, pastries, drinks and actually anything you can think of.

What will we need

  1. 2 kg of blackberries
  2. 400 g of sugar
  3. 500 ml of water
  4. 2 tablespoons of lemon juice


  1. In a larger pot, mix the water together with the blackberries
  2. Cook them over medium heat until the blackberries soften
  3. When they are soft, take a hand blender and blend the blackberries until smooth
  4. Strain the blackberries prepared in this way through a sieve into another bowl
  5. Using a spatula, work the blackberry sauce through a sieve until only the seeds are left in the sieve
  6. Now return the seedless sauce back to the pot
  7. Mix sugar and lemon juice into the sauce
  8. Turn on the stove to medium temperature and cook
  9. Keep stirring the blackberry sauce for about 5-10 minutes until it reduces to a syrup
  10. Pour hot syrup into disinfected or new glasses
  11. We leave about 3 centimeters of space from the upper edge
  12. Wipe the jars and tightly close the lids
  13. Then we prepare a large pot, which we fill about half with water, which we start boiling
  14. When the water boils, using tongs, we begin to insert individual glasses into it and leave them there for about 10 minutes
  15. Then we take them out and turn them upside down on a prepared towel or cloth
  16. Let them rest like this for at least 12 hours
  17. Then we check if the glasses are tight by pressing on the center of the lid, if it doesn’t spring it’s ok
  18. We can store blackberries in this way for 9-12 months
Liquid delicacy in the form of syrup from the best wild berries.
Source: virtuallyhomemade.com

Blackberry marmalade

A slightly sour marmalade that goes well with anything sweet because it perfectly balances the sweetness.

What will we need

  1. 500 g of blackberries
  2. 35 g of icing sugar
  3. 250 g of sugar
  4. 250 ml water (or apple juice)
  5. 3 drops of red food coloring
  6. A drop of blue food coloring
  7. 4 teaspoons of lemon juice


  1. Wash the blackberries
  2. Bring water to a boil in a large pot on the stove
  3. We put blackberries in it in several batches
  4. Wait until the water starts to boil again and then boil the blackberries for about a minute
  5. Immediately remove them from the pot and put them in a bowl with a lid or pots to keep them warm
  6. We repeat with the whole batch of blackberries
  7. In a large pot, add the icing sugar together with the regular sugar and add water or juice
  8. If you have decided to work with food coloring, we will add it now
  9. Stir the mixture constantly on medium heat until the mixture thickens and begins to bubble
  10. Add lemon juice and cook for another minute
  11. Carefully add the blanched blackberries and stir until evenly distributed
  12. Pour the hot blackberry jam into disinfected glasses, leaving about 3 centimeters of space from the cap
  13. We wipe the necks of the glasses, put on the lids and tighten them properly
  14. Turn the glasses upside down and let them cool completely
Jam full of pieces of fresh preserved wild berries.
Source: evermine.com

Blackberry jam with chocolate

Preserve summer’s juicy berries in this fantastic recipe for preserved blackberries with chocolate. It’s a little jam and a little sauce, but it tastes absolutely divine. Especially then on crispy toast or your favorite ice cream.

What will we need

  1. 650 g of fresh blackberries
  2. 150 g granulated sugar
  3. Juice of ½ lemon
  4. 30 g of good quality chocolate (finely chopped)


  1. Wash, clean and dry the blackberries
  2. Put the blackberries together with the sugar in a large pot and start cooking them on a medium heat
  3. Continue stirring until the sugar dissolves and a syrup forms
  4. Strain the cooked blackberries through a sieve and discard the seeds
  5. Return the mixture to the pot and add the lemon juice
  6. Heat the mixture to a high temperature
  7. Just before the mixture starts to boil, lower the temperature and add the chocolate
  8. Stir slowly to combine the ingredients
  9. We will prepare jars for canning, which we have previously washed and disinfected
  10. Bring the chocolate-blackberry mixture to a boil again and boil it vigorously for 5 minutes, stirring constantly
  11. Remove from the heat and let the mixture rest for 3 minutes
  12. A crust should form on the surface during this time (the surface should wrinkle when gently pressed)
  13. If this is not happening, return the mixture to the stove and cook again until the mixture reaches the desired consistency
  14. Pour the hot mixture into glasses, leaving a 3-centimeter space from the edge
  15. Wipe the glasses and close them
  16. Pour half of the water into a larger pot and bring it to a boil
  17. Place the closed jars in a hot water bath and boil them for 10 minutes
  18. Then take the jars out and let them cool upside down for 12-24 hours
  19. We check the seal and store the canned blackberries in a cool place

Any unsealed jars should be refrigerated and consumed within 3 weeks.

A glass full of wild berries with lemon juice on toast.
Source: tastesbetterfromscratch.com

Canning blackberries without sugar

What will we need

  1. 1 kg of blackberries
  2. 500 ml water (or unsweetened fruit juice)


  1. Pour the water into a pot and bring it to a boil
  2. Wash and drain the blackberries
  3. Add them to the water and cook until they are soft
  4. Using a slotted ladle, fill individual glasses with hot blackberries
  5. The glasses should have a free space of 3 centimeters from the top edge
  6. Then add the boiled liquid (about 1 centimeter)
  7. We wipe the neck of the glass and close it with a lid
  8. We stack the filled glasses in a pot into which we pour water and bring it to a boil
  9. Close the pot and preserve the blackberries for about 15 minutes
  10. After 15 minutes, turn off the stove, remove the lid and wait 5 minutes
  11. Then take the glasses out and let them rest and cool for 24 hours
  12. Label the glasses and store them in a cool, dark place
Sugar-free blackberry jam from only 2 ingredients.
Source: ourbalancedbowl.com

Canning blackberries in the oven

Canning in the oven is much easier than, for example, in hot water. In particular, it will save you a lot of time and work. But even this method of canning has several principles that must be followed, namely:

Thorough sterilization of jars

Canning in the oven only in jars with a thread

Use the same size glasses

The glasses must not touch each other or the tray in the oven

Use a deeper tray to pour the water into

What will we need

  1. 2 kg of fresh blackberries
  2. 1 liter of water
  3. 300 g of sugar


  1. Wash and clean the blackberries under cold water
  2. We fill them in washed glasses
  3. We will prepare a sweet pickle with which we will cover the blackberries
  4. Boil sugar and water in a saucepan
  5. Pour this hot infusion over the blackberries
  6. We close the jars with lids, which must be threaded
  7. We turn on the oven at 250 degrees on the hot air mode
  8. We put an old tea towel on the bottom of the tray, which we cover with water to a height of about 2-3 centimeters
  9. Place the glasses on a baking sheet and put them in the oven
  10. We preserve the blackberries for about 8 minutes
  11. When the specified time has passed, we then place all the jars upside down on the kitchen counter and let them stand quietly for 12-24 hours
Delicious homemade marmalade spread on fresh bread.
Source: emmaduckworthbakes.co.uk

Canning in its essence is not that complicated. It takes a little experience and practice and then it will be a joy. However, if you still want to make your work easier or you have a large garden full of various fruits that directly call for canning, then don’t hesitate for a minute and get a canning pot!

It will save you a lot of time and work, during which you can do many other activities. But if you are not sure about your choice, check out these reviews of the best canning pots currently available on the market. And become a master in canning one or two!

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