Strawberry Pancake Skewers

Strawberry Pancake Skewers

By May 8, 2015

Make pancake skewers and turn regular pancakes into a breakfast project the whole family will enjoy! Served on skewers with fruit for easy-to-eat access.



    1. Brush griddle or skillet with vegetable oil, or spray with cooking spray. Heat over medium-low heat.
    2. In medium bowl, prepare your Do You Bake? Buttermilk Flip Flop Flapjack mix according to package directions.
    3. Pour onto griddle by tablespoonfuls to make silver dollar-size pancakes. Cook until edges are dry. Turn; cook until golden.
    4. Thread pancakes and strawberries or other favorite freshly cut up fruit onto skewers. Serve with whipped topping or favorite syrup for dipping.
    Other topping ideas : Mix 1 package of Do You Bake? Love that lemon pie cheese ball mix with 1 cup of whipping cream (whipped) or whipped topping and 1 brick (8oz) of cream cheese. Refrigerate an hour for flavors to combine. Other flavor options : Follow the above topping idea but substitute Love that Lemon Cheese Ball Pie Mix with Do You Bake? Blueberry Blast Cheese ball mix or Key Lime Pie Cheese Ball Mix    
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    This pretty breakfast and brunch recipe is easy for even the kiddos to make! This pancake and fruit kabob is perfect for a weekend brunch gathering, especially during summer when fresh fruit is plentiful.  This is simple, easy and so pretty! Use Do You Bake? buttermilk flip flop flapjacks, fresh fruit and syrup of choice for a delicious dunkin’ fun brunch.

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